06 Oct Perch Story

My name is Heather Chandler; John Kressaty’s wife and founder of the Perch.

John forwarded the questions to me to answer as the Perch was an epiphany I had on a plane…

I was obviously hungry, wanted an omelette or a crepe, typical breakfast at our house. As I read an article in one of the travel magazines about a hotel in Shanghai that hung antique bird cages throughout the entry with light bulbs in them for ambience, a light bulb went off for me! I began sketching a bird on a twig, talking about how breakfast should be available all day….the Perch was born!

“The Perch” seemed apropos for a place to hang with the ones you love to share good conversation and good food. Not only can you fill your crepe with fresh sautéed portabella mushrooms and Swiss cheese, there are options like turkey, Brie, cranberry and arugula that remain a favorite year round. Our waffles and omelettes seem to have a solid reputation as you can choose toppings and fillings to your liking. Oh, we can’t forget my favorite dish…the shrimp, smoked Gouda grits…portioned to share! On the lighter side, try a baby beet and goat cheese salad paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

The Cubano is our drink of choice…a sweet creamy foam layers an intense Zimbabwean espresso…addictive!

So, I just used one of my words to describe the Perch….unique, fresh and addictive!



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